About Us !

Subham Computers, a leader in high-performance, high-efficiency server technology and innovation, is a premier provider of end-to-end computing solutions for Enterprise IT, Data Center, Cloud Computing, and Embedded Systems wherever required. Subham Computers's advanced server Building offer a vast array of modular, interoperable components for building energy-efficient, application-optimized, computing solutions. This broad line of products includes servers, blades, GPU systems, workstations, motherboards, chassis, power supplies, storage technologies, networking solutions, Online UPS, Software, and cabinets/accessories. Architecture innovations include Twin Architecture and the evolutionary delivering unrivaled performance, uncompromising service, and unmatched value to customers.

Subham Computers combines 19+ years of advanced engineering experience with efficient production and integration expertise to develop first-to-market green computing solutions. The company is committed to protecting the environment through its "Green Environment Policy" initiative. From motherboards and power supplies designed with the latest high-efficiency components to intelligent power management and cooling subsystems, Subham Computers offers the most energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly solutions available on the market.

Founded in 2004 and Located in Bidhan Road, Siliguri, West Bengal, India, and Subham Computers employs approximately 40 people. The company has been profitable every year since inception and has good Client base. Products and Services are sold through its direct sales force.

Today Subham Computers operates in entire north Bengal with extending to Bhutan and Nepal. Years of marketing experience in the free market of the location has earned Subham Computers a reputation for maintaining commitments as well as-in-depth knowledge of the IT industry


Corporate Philosophy

Quality and Reliability

Subham Computers adheres to rigorous design implementation, manufacturing standards and ISO standards to ensure that its products & Service are of the highest quality and reliability. The company integrates only the best quality parts and components. To ensure excellent performance even under extreme operating conditions, These quality efforts optimize system performance and minimize system downtime.

First-to-Market / Time-to-Market

Subham Computers products incorporate the latest advancements in technology to meet demands of tomorrow's data-driven business world. The company maintains deep relationships with leading component suppliers to gain the earliest access to future technology roadmaps. Subham Computers's engineering teams integrate new technologies at an accelerated pace during early design stages and fine-tune each product to achieve the perfect balance between performance, efficiency and overall system optimization. Product development cycles from concept to delivery are condensed without compromise in quality to provide advanced products to customers as quickly as possible. This first-to-market / time-to-market philosophy provides customers with computing solutions that outperform and outlast the competition while providing the best return on technology investment.

Customer Satisfaction

To ensure absolute customer satisfaction, Subham Computers stands behind all of its products with a comprehensive warranty and replacement policy. Subham Computers has highly responsive channels and dedicated Technical Support teams available 24x7x365 to quickly resolve any support issues & services.

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